iPhone 6 Larger Screen

We’re talking about an iPhone 6 flat screen with 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch as the latest rumors of the WSJ.
The resolution of screen allows the icons reorganization on the springboard.
More details are clearly visible from the images.
Below you can see their resolutions:
iPhone 6 4.7″ 750×1338 px Aspect ratio 16:9
iPhone 6 5.5″ 878×1568 px Aspect ratio 16:9
iPhone 5S 4″ 640×1138 px Aspect ratio 16:9

iPhone 6 - 01 cd

iPhone 6 - 02 cd

iPhone 6 - 03 cd

iPhone 6 - 04 cd

iPhone 6 - 05 cd

iPhone 6 - 06 cd


  1. Michael Perry says:

    Nice design but why are the screen resolutions so weird and non-standard?

  2. Steven says:

    What an exciting set
    Of phone displays! If these are close to the real deal
    They will be off the charts!

  3. Lukas P says:

    The mockups look great and might really partly match with the final product although I could see coming critics regarding the parallels between the possible design of the future iPhone 6 and the HTC One.


  4. gwendolyn chambers says:


  5. Thomas says:

    Great concept (as always)! Wrote about it on My iDevice -> http://my-idevice.de/iphone-6-konzept/.

  6. Jeffrey says:

    Nice…I computed the width of the 4.7″ to be about the same as the current 5S. Yet if I overlay your 4.7″ over the 5S in the rendering the 4.7″ is wider. Great stuff! I’m dreaming for this fall for my upgrade. I hope it truly is edge-to-edge as you have shown.

  7. Eric A. Hofstetter says:

    Amazing work! Forwarded to Tim Cook… just in case they still didn’t know what to do for the “6!”

  8. Chris Renaldi says:

    Fantastic – has anyone from Apple contacted you – I wish they would – I love my iPhone 5s but this design is smashing and I’d buy two just because!

  9. Sam Valenzuela says:

    Very nice concepts. Hopefully the new phone comes out, looking similar .

  10. WP-WELT says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this. A great addition for my Blog!

  11. Sumeet Jaroliya says:

    This is probably the best concept I have seen for iPhone 6. I would prefer the same design in the production model by Apple.

  12. Alfonso Bresciani says:

    OMG! You all need to go work with Apple!

  13. Sunny says:

    It will be a great competition to Samsung’s flagship smartphones like Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 if Apple launches iPhone 6 with bigger screen. People’s attitude is changing and they are tend to buy smartphone with slight bigger screen and I believe that’s the reason why Samsung’s Note series phablets are big success for the Koreans.

  14. Love it! says:

    I really hope that the iphone 6 looks like this. I have an iphone 5 now and was thinking about an android but after seeing this I’m hoping apple looks at this design and uses it (of course give you credit as well). I will definitely be buying if that’s the case. I want the 4.7 inch one so bad! And love love love how ios 7 looks. I feel that they should make the icons look a little bigger though if they do make a bigger screen size because it looks a little funny. Nice job!

  15. Love it! says:

    Apple should seriously considering hiring you to design their iPhones because this is better than any of their previous designs. Amazing job!

  16. Alex Bivolcic says:

    Amazing concept, I am new to the site but all of these look AMAZING!

  17. Ethos says:

    HTC ONE !
    why they still doing that ancient pressing button ??!? so tacky should be no physical btn just touch ! and why they still bothering with silent switch on side??? god .. just remove it and leave volume btn’s and power

  18. Jojo says:

    Nice concepts. But in my opinion, I think they should just lose the ‘home button’.

  19. FrankieS says:

    Beautifully designed. It actually has some elements in common with the desktop Macs like thining around the edges, so it may very well be close to what Apple is working on. I love the edge to edge display, but the back has to be at least 2 pieces to have a functional antenna. I’m forwarding the link to Apple, where you should be employed with a huge salary!!!

  20. Settimio Perlini says:

    Great looking but where do i connect headphones? The other thing that doesn’t match with reality is the impossibile thickness between the back and the machined holes for the speaker and ad mic on the bottom… we know Apple is great in working with aluminium but the holes placed so close to the back don’t match a real soundboard function.
    Great work anyway!

  21. m477 says:

    It looks just… Wrong. It’s unbalanced and does not look at all like an Apple product. And what is that humongous app grill in both the 4,7″ and 5,5″ version? Apple would never do something that unpleasant to eye.

  22. kenchung says:

    an HTC copy cat… who ever made this concept should definitely work with Apple.. interesting almost borderless screen…

  23. Boris Raczynski says:

    Outstanding beauty. Would be great to get such an iPhone in hands. Gave you article and link on AppGamers http://www.appgamers.de/apple/iphone-6-design-von-ciccarese


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